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Recent News

April 30, 2011

Strategic Planning Retreat

The Board and staff met Saturday, April 30, 2011 for the second Strategic Planning Retreat.  The primary issues discussed and placed on Board committee calendars for future consideration and possible action included:

  1. The Licensing Board Coordinating Committee will consider strategies for working with other licensing boards that may refer to or may include massage therapy in their practices.

  2. The Policy Committee will consider strategies to support community colleges to meet minimum standards for curriculum, faculty and resources

  3. The License Standards Committee will consider a framework for dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues in the licensing and disciplinary process.

  4. The Establishment Regulation Committee will consider how the Board may more effectively regulate businesses that employ LMBTs or offer massage or bodywork therapy services.

  5. The Board will consider a board policy manual.

  6. Board staff will consider a system to orient new board members.

  7. The Policy Committee will consider the penalty for late renewals.

  8. The Board will consider use of more technology in Board operations.

  9. The School Approval Committee will consider an education program to decrease the number of applicants with criminal records.

  10. The Policy Committee will consider whether additional educational and/or testing standards should be established for certain professional disciplines practicing massage and bodywork therapy.

  11. The School Approval Committee will consider the education and training requirements for initial licensure.

  12. Board staff will consider whether the current requirements for licensure by endorsement need to be amended.

  13. The Board will consider the steps necessary to finalize and begin to administer its jurisprudence learning exercise.

  14. The Policy Committee will consider the Boards continuing education standards.

  15. The Board will consider the amount and type of work the Board has to do and determine what it will ask staff to manage.

  16. The Board will consider an annual performance review of its contracted management.